Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Nicole Diaz, LCPC

“My passion is helping individuals of all ages, identify and build on personal strengths in order to make positive changes in their lives. I believe that people begin to grow, as well as heal, when they feel heard and supported. Using an empathetic, holistic, and non-judgmental approach to therapy I work with my clients to understand who they are now and who they wish to become.”

Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, who strives to help children, adolescents, adults, and families accomplish meaningful life-changing goals. Nicole earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Women’s Studies from Southern Illinois University—Carbondale. She received her Master’s Degree from Argosy University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Her main interests are in treating anxiety, high functioning autism spectrum disorders (ASD), depression, trauma, attachment disorders, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, issues of sexual identity, as well as, parenting, managing family conflict, and communication problems. Nicole works with preschool aged children through adulthood.

In terms of treatment, Nicole uses strategies adapted from Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and relaxation-based techniques, such as mindfulness.

Experience has made her passionate about helping people cope with development, mental health, and life stressors. She is knowledgeable and sensitive to diverse populations and multiculturalism. Nicole is an advocate and provider to minority populations such as, individuals with physical & developmental disabilities, people with ASD and related concerns, as well as, women’s issues, racial and ethnic difficulties, and she is passionate about providing services to members of the LGBTQI community.

Franci Zingrone, Psy.D.

Dr. Franci Zingrone is a licensed clinical psychologist, who earned her Masters degree in Professional Counseling and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology/Schaumburg.  Dr. Zingrone enjoys working with individuals, couples and families of all age ranges who present with a variety of concerns.  Her areas of interest include depression, anxiety and relationship issues, as well as, attention and concentration concerns (e.g., ADHD), however, she has an extensive history and is passionate about working with individuals who have experienced traumatic events.  These can include (but are not limited to) divorce, difficult relationships, loss of a loved one, war, domestic violence and sexual/physical/emotional abuse.

During the therapeutic process, Dr. Zingrone employs various approaches, such as Client-centered, Cognitive-behavioral, Play therapy and Solution-focused.  In order for therapy to be beneficial, Dr. Zingrone believes that clients need to feel safe and comfortable to be able to openly share their experiences.  Dr. Zingrone is committed to collaboratively helping her clients set and achieve goals in order to live fulfilling lives.

On a Personal Note

I am passionate about life.  I love to explore, travel and stay active.  I try and take in the beauty of this world every day, be it while watching the stars or going on a nature hike.  Being born and growing up in East Germany behind the Iron Curtain has provided me with amazing learning opportunities.  If you have any questions about me or my work, please don’t hesitate to ask!

~The harder you work for something, the greater you feel when you achieve it~

Jennifer A. Roccoforte, Ph.D.

Jennifer A. Roccoforte is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her doctorate in clinical-developmental psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Roccoforte also received training in marital and family therapy at the Family Institute and in cognitive therapy at the University of Chicago. Her areas of interest and expertise include the treatment of adolescents, eating disorders, grief counseling, divorce recovery and cognitive-behavioral interventions for depression and anxiety.

Meg Kwak, Ph.D.

Dr. Meg Kwak is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her doctorate from Western Michigan University in Child Psychology and her specialist degree in School Psychology. She utilizes cognitive-behavioral strategies with children and adolescents who have disruptive behaviors and depressive disorders. She also works with children and adolescents whose anxiety intereferes with optimal functioning. Prior to working in private practice, Dr. Kwak was on staff at a children’s psychiatric hospital in an intensive outpatient program. She is a certified school psychologist with a number of years in the public school setting. Additional areas of interest include family therapy and social skills development.

Nikki Ford, LCPC

Daring Greatly: “The courage to be vulnerable, to show up and be SEEN. To ask For what you need, to talk about how you’re feeling, and to have the hard conversations.” -Dr. Brene Brown

Truer words have never been spoken. Life is about daring greatly. Taking healthy risks, setting boundaries, embracing WHO you are, WHERE you are, and WHY you choose to do what you do, without hesitation. We will never be perfect. But so many of us strive to be. Stop chasing perfection! Instead, rally during difficult times in your life, confront uncomfortable feelings, make the difficult decisions, and be confident in it all! Partnering with me during the therapeutic process will help you achieve this.

My personal philosophy is that Therapy IS NOT meant to be easy. You are here to get outside of your comfort zone. You are here to grow. As a therapist, I believe in embracing our vulnerabilities in order to learn “who” you really are and “what” you really want. I will push you, hold you accountable, encourage you to take risks, and challenge you to overcome your fears, because that is what therapy should be. You will gain confidence, both in yourself and in your decision making. You will feel the comfort and safety that comes from learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings. It won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it!

I’m a licensed clinical professional Counselor (LCPC) in Illinois. I earned my Bachelors degree in Psychology from Purdue University (Go Boilers!) and my Masters degree in Clinical Professional Psychology from Roosevelt University. During the therapeutic process I will utilize, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing and family systems to help understand the dynamics within the individual and family. I pride myself on creating a comfortable, laid back therapy environment, which allows you to open up and embrace the therapy process and maybe have a little fun along the way!

Dana Daluga, LCPC

Dana Daluga is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). She specializes in anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and substance abuse. She believes that everyone has their own strengths, and that therapy can be a way to find and use those strengths to come to a more positive solution. She sees therapy as a way to learn about yourself and receive feedback in a neutral, judgment-free environment.

She uses a client-centered, cognitive behavioral approach to therapy, and believes that having a genuine, attentive, and empathic therapist is the key to a true connection in therapy. She also works with clients to address errors in thinking in order to make a behavioral change. She most enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families. She has evening appointments, as well as Fridays.

Kelly Ford, LCPC

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, my passion for working with children and adolescents began early in my career. I have been fortunate enough to serve hundreds of children and families over the years and feel I have learned as much from my clients as I have taught them. I consider it an honor to go on a journey with my clients and watch as they overcome adversity and celebrate the small successes in everyday life. I take an eclectic treatment approach to my work, and I strongly feel that no two clients are the same. As such, therapy needs to be tailored to each individual. I pride myself on creating a safe, fun, and comfortable environment for my clients to explore their issues and reach their therapy goals. I specialize in working with children as young as age four (4) years old, teens and young adults struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, grief and loss, divorce, peer issues, school-refusal, and behavioral difficulties. In addition, I have extensive experience treating child and adolescent survivors of sexual abuse as well as other areas of trauma ( e.g., parental abandonment, neglect, and verbal and physical abuse).

Using different treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral, Play Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing, I strive to help my clients live a happy and fulfilled life while overcoming past struggles. My philosophy is that someone’s struggles are just one piece in a much larger life puzzle. I think collaboration with parents, schools, and other care givers is crucial to client success and I encourage open communication with all parties involved, while still respecting client privacy and confidentiality. I received my Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Western Illinois University, and I regularly attend trainings to ensure I am up to date on the most effective treatments for kids and teens. I try to practice what I encourage in my clients, so self-care is important. When I’m not in the office, you can most likely find me at the dog park with my rescue lab mix!

Rebecca Bier, Psy.D., M.A., LCSW

Rebecca Bier, Psy.D., M.A., LCSW, is a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of professional therapy, testing and evaluation experience with children, adolescents and families. Her clients typically seek therapy for problems such as ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral problems, children of divorce and loss, couples counseling, depression, divorce counseling, eating disorders, learning disorders, and parenting. In addition to providing therapy and psychological testing services to support the above conditions, she also offers diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic recommendations for bariatric surgery evaluations, emotional problems, executive function disorders, learning disabilities, and memory problems.

The approach Rebecca takes is thorough, respectful and gentle, and her clients feel safe in her care. She listens closely, explains findings and options carefully to her clients and their family members, and when necessary conducts appropriate psychological tests. If tests are completed, Rebecca develops a written report with concrete recommendations for follow-up strategies and treatments. She carefully explains this report to her clients to ensure they understand her recommendations and helps them make an appropriate plan. All test results are confidential. Insurance is often accepted for this private, professional service.

Rebecca works closely with other professionals who may be involved in such complex cases, including school staff, physicians, therapists and other counselors

Areas of Testing:

  • Cognitive Functioning/IQ
  • Learning Disorders and Academic Functioning
  • Memory and Learning
  • Attention and Executive Functioning
  • Trauma
  • Bariatric Evaluations
  • Behavioral &Emotional Functioning
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

My Specialties:

  • Depression
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Adjustment Disorders
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Family Therapy

Treatment Modalities:

  • Behavior Modification
  • Client Centered Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Parent Education & Training

Arlington Psychological Services offers a comprehensive range of psychological, psycho-educational and consulting services, including:

  • Child Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Adolescent Behavior Therapy
  • Family Therapy and Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Pre Marriage Counseling
  • Stress Management
  • Psychological Services to Schools

We believe that Arlington Psychological Services offers a unique blend of professional competence and personal attention. You will notice the difference.